Going through stores or traveling abroad in search of that outfit – Clothing, Accessories for your occasion, or selecting the perfect gift for that special someone can be really tiring. Also making the choice of the perfect colours and styles of clothing or pulling together outfits can even be more frustrating.

SH has fashion conscious team who are available to assist you shop by giving you advice and making suggestion depending on your occasions or lifestyle. We offer personal shopping services in Nigeria and also internationally.

We are not limited to shopping from the US and UK alone, we have combed the best brands from different countries, and discovered the best of the best brands that will suit you – your lifestyle and most importantly your budget.

SH is here to shop for you.


    • Tell us your event/occasion.
    • Tell us about your lifestyle – what you are comfortable with, the length of clothing and body exposure.
    • Upon receiving the above, our team will gain a deep understanding of you, what you want, what you need and your preferences.
    • We will then send you selections of cloths and pull together clothing for you to make your choice.
    • After the selection is made, you are to pay for the cost of the cloth before the order is placed.
    • The shipping cost and SH charges will be paid once the order has arrived Nigeria.
    • After payment is confirmed, the order will be delivered to you.
    • Alternatively, if you already have a product in mind, you can send the direct links to the item(s) from the websites of choice to our e-mail address. You should include product codes (if available), item description as stated on the website, size, colour and every other necessary details. If you like any of our pre-order cloths, you can also let us know in order to purchase the item for you.
    • Once we receive your email, SH will contact you within 2 business days to confirm product availability and advise you on the total cost break down and payment options available.
    • SH will notify you on the tracking of the order once made.



  • Orders of N200,000 and above – 10% of the total cost of order.
  • Orders below N200,000 –  5%.